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Tuesday Take-It-Easy Lunch

This is how we do it Exhale-style!


Just kidding!

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Every recipe taken from one episode of Down Home With the Neely’s on Food Network: Balsamic Spinach, Garlic Grits and Short Ribs. Delicious!!!


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Many have already written about Bakesale Betty’s one-of-a-kind sandwhich.

The line goes out the door and down the street every Saturday. Here’s why:


Bakesale Betty on Urbanspoon

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Alaskan King Crab Dinner

My dad sent me Alaskan King Crab as a birthday present. I hope he sends it every year. Here’s how it goes:

1. Arrive frozen in a box.


2. Put into the freezer for safekeeping.


3. Time to defrost.


4. Time to Steam! (in beer, lemon and garlic)


5. Waiting their turn


6. Ready for eating!


7. The whole spread: newspaper, corn on the cob, sourdough rolls, dips & spreads, and lots of tools for pounding the meat out of the shell!


8. Graveyard! We at the whole 5 lbs of alaskan king crab – so delicious!


Side Note: I finally found a purpose for Chardonnay (being a sauvignon blanc kind of girl) – it goes great with crab!

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Tuesday Night Dinner

After weeks of soup (don’t ask), was ready for something cheesy and crispy…boboli pizza with bacon (yes, bacon again!), blue cheese (yes, blue cheese again!), and sauteed onions (yes, again…are we seeing a pattern when it comes to ingredients?). pizza

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Fave Pasta Dishes I Make at Home

lemonLemon Spaghetti, recipe courtesy Giada Le Laurentis, Food Network. Lemon juice, olive oil, parmesean, mixed with pasta, some pasta water and tossed with fresh basil. I can eat this every day!

carbonaraCarbonara, recipe courtesy Tyler Florenence, Food Network. I like it with real American bacon, not that pancetta stuff. Fry up the bacon in olive oil, add some garlic, add cooked pasta. Remove from heat and add in a mixture of raw eggs and parmesean. Coat the pasta with the concoction. Don’t scramble the eggs!

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1. Mama Royales. Its hip, its cool, the line is long. This seems to be a theme for all my fave restaurants. Darn urban area.

Mama's Royal Cafe on Urbanspoon

2. The Coffee Mill . This is no frill fare people. You aren’t going to get a pureed cauliflower with organic, free-range, smoked apple sausage frittata…but you will get fast service, cheap hot food, hash browns and regular sightings of city councilman De La Fuente strutting around in his cowboy boots.

Coffee Mill & Bakery on Urbanspoon

3. Buttercup Grill. Actually learned of the place through family members who stayed at the next door Inn. Super friendly. Lots of options. Tasty.

4. Arizmendi. This isn’t “breakfast” per se, but its typically the way I eat in the morning. A warm morning bread and hot coffee. Cheese bun? Chocolate Thing? Cranberry muffin? All made that morning by hotty hippies (or hipsters or whatever – they work at a co-op!). Maybe my favorite place in all of Oakland.

Arizmendi on Urbanspoon

5. Rico’s. There are practically no – zero – zip – places for a morning meeting with colleagues in downtown Oakland that is not the Mariott (and $20 per person for breakfast) until I found Rico’s. It’s cheap. It’s QUALITY. They have french toast STICKS. Yum. They do need more than 1 sugar dispenser…but I think they will get it.

Rico's Diner on Urbanspoon

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Bad News???

Since I posted my Fave5 Restaurants for a Delicious Dinner in Oakland…I have heard from two people that my favorite datenight location – JoJo’s – will be closing on Dec. 31st.  Sad Face.   Now, I need a new Oakland place for a romantic rendevouz….nothing is coming immediately to mind.  Suggestions???

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Thursday Night Dinner

Grilled chx tenders, grilled red onions, green lettuce with light honey-mustard dressing (not homemade), and three pieces of baguette with stinky cheese.  Gone are the days when bread and cheese WAS dinner….I miss those days. Wine not pictured. 🙂thursdinner

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Sunday Night Dinner

dinner Homemade sausage lasagna, green salad with homemade balsamic dressing, Edna Valley Pinot Noir.   Hope the lasagna lasts till Thursday night!

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