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Philosophy Talk just re-aired their program on abortion and made it available for free online.  Exhale and our pro-voice approach are featured in a short 3-minute segment with the Roving Philosophical Report that starts at 8:35.  You can here me discuss how the labels of pro-choice and pro-life are limiting and why its so important that women’s voices and experiences with abortion are heard and understood.

Here I am with the hosts John Perry and Ken Taylor, featured guest Cynthia Gorney, and Roving Reporter Angela.  The show was taped live at The Marsh in San Francisco in October 2010 and aired in January 2011.  Check it out here.


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I had a great time sharing stories with other women who have had abortions on Huff Post Live last week.  No politics – only personal experience. The ultimate practice of Pro-Voice.  You can check it out here.

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*This was originally posted on Exhale.

My letter, below, to the First Lady of the United States (written before election day) was translated into Italian and  published in the November issue of Vanity Fair Italy.

Dear First Lady,

Your predecessors are stunning examples of women who have used their position to influence our nation’s progress, and I have no doubt that your leadership will strengthen the legacy of our nation’s First Lady’s.

Every American Presidential election is a decision about where our nation is headed and with yesterday’s win, you are in a unique position to shape what’s next.

I write to you today with an unusual request: Will you show the nation how to be a great listener to our abortion stories?

Let me explain why it’s so important. (more…)

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